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Birmingham Christmas Market

December 1, 2011

A post from W about our recent trip to Birmingham’s Frankfurt Christmas market.

Birmingham’s Frankfurt Christmas Market is the largest in the UK.

IMG 5921

The focal point of the market is Victoria Square. The large building in the background is the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. We were really keen to see it because it has a decent-sized collection of Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood paintings. We’ve become big fans after watching the BBC drama “Desperate Romantics.”

IMG 5910


The museum also had a really interesting temporary Lace exhibit including a large structure made of glow-in-the-dark thread.

IMG 5926

We also quite enjoyed this “never-ending corridor in a box” (our name) mirror illusion. It isn’t a museum piece though — it’s just a donation box. (Shows how cultured we are.)


IMG 5925

Back outside, the market was really crowded; we’re talking massive congestion in the streets. We’ve since heard that Sundays are much quieter, so if anyone reading this is planning a visit, seriously consider going on a Sunday instead of Saturday.

IMG 5909

We sipped mulled wine in boot-shaped mugs, munched on chocolate-covered marizpan, and tried Berliner (a custard filled donut). In additional to traditional German bakery, beer, and sausage stalls, we found a not-so-traditional sushi hut, and a nacho vendor.

IMG 5922

This stall with the rotating santas is actually a bar. Yep, who says only kids can have fun.

IMG 5906

As the day went on, the market only got more popular and crowded. We had to slowly push and nudge and edge our way out of the maze of stalls.

IMG 5928

All part of the experience.

IMG 5929

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  1. December 2, 2011 5:19 pm

    The Christmas markets over there look very nice and more festive! Hope you guys get some snow in time for the holidays!

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